confused beyond reason..

Right now I tell myself I could leave him and not feel a thing.
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of who he used to be..
Who he used to be with..
I don’t like that person.

And I can’t help thinking, what do we really have together?
When he can joke with my tears.. And all he ever says
is nonsense.. I need CONVERSATIONS, I need OPINIONS,
I give you my inner toughts and secrets and all I get in return is
baby-babbling.. It’s just not for me, I’m not like that.

Maybe Im taking it all out on him, well..
just because I can..?
Because its easier to try and change someone else
rather than yourself?

I let it hurt, ache and never die.
I tear open wounds just as they finish bleeding.
And it pleases me, it calms me, but yet its
killing me slowly,
killing my love to him one blood-drop at a time.
And after all, isn’t he the most precious thing I got,
the only one I can’t stand to lose?
And isn’t that just the core of all these issues?

Peace out.