so maybe it is love


              I can feel the fist each time it doesn’t harm my face
              Your hate it hurts even when restrained.
              Like the freezing cold from the wall you buildt to separate
              your flesh and blood that embodies what once was me.

             And I can feel your spite when your eyes pierce my back
             Like the judgement in your voice cuts like knives even when you play nice.
             And when you embrace me with your arms and call it affection-
             I feel like death is clinging to me, dragging me toward my grave.
             If it is what you say it is, why does it feel so cold
             Isn’t love supposed to be warm
             But you feel so cold..

            You say you want me to fly and to develope a pair of wings, but when I did
             there was no halo. I am human, I am flawed, I am failure, and I am incomplete.
            But you are not the god that created me within his perfect image-
            your human eyes just look at me and wish so deep that I would be something I’m not
            And when you could not mold me into the form you wanted me to fit-
            I think I ceased to exist in your world.

            But if you can, some day.. Look at me in another way.
            I will forget all of your betrayals.
            I will denile all your destructive ways
            that I associate with your face.
            I will fill all those holes you bullet into my core,
           and I will heal every scar that your disgust ripped open.
           I will love you in the deepest shade of red, wash out all
           the black spots and I will be.. Well,I would still be me.
         .. But only if you can do the same for me.

so maybe it is loe